Herbarium LMA connected to the Biodiversity Network of Mozambique

The National Herbarium of Mozambique (LMA), established in 1967, houses the country’s largest reference collection of dried, pressed plant specimens, currently comprising over 70.000 accessions, focusing on the wild plant diversity of Mozambique.

LMA deals with plant identification as well as being an important data source for research and undergraduate students training. In addition, the herbarium provides considerable inputs into conservation planning through mapping species’ distributions, assessing their conservation status and identifying plant “hotspots”. Furthermore, the herbarium is tasked with species prioritisation for targeted seed collecting for ex-situ conservation.

The herbarium is engaged in connecting and contributing to the Biodiversity Network of Mozambique (BioNoMo) in order to continue to build its specialization and document the plants of the many understudied regions of Mozambique.

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LMA is an important source of reference for both the Flora Zambesiaca, therefore with the computerization of its botanical collection (preserved specimens) and its availability online through BioNoMo, its intended that its material serves as input for the projects of plant diversity, conservation and sustainable use in Mozambique, as well as contributions to climate change research.

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