Call for application – 2 research assistants for biodiversity data digitisation and analysis

Deadline: April 7, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Download the full text of the call (PT)

In the framework of our BioNoMo (Biodiversity Network of Mozambique) initiative, we are working on the digitisation of biological collections data in the Natural History Museum of Maputo, as well as in several partner institutions. We also recently partnered with IIAM, SANBI and the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew to use the primary biodiversity data coming from the BioNoMo portal, as well as the new data being digitised, to assist the assessment of extinction risk (IUCN Red List) for endemic and near-endemic plant and animal species in Mozambique, as well as to identify Important Plant Areas and Key Biodiversity Areas in the country.

For these activities, we are searching for 2 research assistants (one for ornithology and one for herpetology collections) who will be in charge of data digitization and analysis for the said goals. The applicants must have a minimum age of 21 years and be comfortable working on a multidisciplinary team and following precise data elaboration and analysis protocols.

The skills and experience we are searching for are:

  • Proven experience of database creation and management and DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Specify)
  • Availability to work full time for a minimum period of 4 months
  • Proven knowledge and / or work experience in the field of ornithology and / or herpetology (field research and / or collection organisation / identification)

Applications must be submitted before April 7, 2018 (12:00 pm), via mail or direct delivery at the project office (address in page footer) or via email at the project address

Download the full text of the call (PT)

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