New Biodiversity data laboratory created at the Natural History Museum, Maputo

On May 14 2018 , within the scope of the Biodiversity Network of Mozambique initiative, the SECOSUD II Project created a new biodiversity data laboratory in the Natural History Museum.

The new lab will host the digital collections of the museum

The SECOSUD II Project has equipped the new laboratory with computers and laboratory equipment, which is currently being used by the research assistants assigned to the project, for the maintenance of biological collections and digitisation of biodiversity data.

Currently, the research assistants are working on the maintenance and digitisation of collections of Herpetology (amphibians and reptiles) Ornithology (birds) and Entomology (insects), aiming to link the digital data to a national portal, which will enable free access to these primary biodiversity data, which may be used as subsidies for the scientific community and institutions (and not only) for the elaboration of biodiversity conservation strategies. This work is being carried out in synergy with the Natural History Museum technicians so that they are able to follow up on this activities independently.

The data digitization is carried out in collaboration with resident MHN staff
Digital and physical collections are reviewed to check the correspondence of database records with preserved specimens

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