Pupils from the Italian school “Giovanni Falcone” on visit to the Institute of Agricultural Research of Mozambique

In the context of the SECOSUD II Program “Conservation and Equitable Use of Biodiversity in the SADC region “, the project “With scientist’s glasses” was created, which in collaboration with the Italian school “Giovanni Falcone” in Maputo, aims to approximate the world of scientific research and the conservation of biodiversity in particular to primary school pupils.

In this project, thematic classes and visits to the main research institutions present in the city of Maputo are under way. Today was the moment to visit the LMA Herbarium and Botanical Garden of the IIAM (Institute of Agricultural Research of Mozambique).

A group consisting of about 20 people, including pupils and teachers, as well as researchers from the SECOSUD II Programme, had the opportunity to know more about the herbarium, the botanical garden that is organized in plants groups (Encephalartos , Aloe, Medicinal and Multiuse), as well as how to make a simple herbarium step by step.

The pupils were informed about the importance and advantages of having a botanical garden and a herbarium, as well as knowing their potential as a source of research data for botany, geography, plant ecology, pharmacology, economics, agronomy, taxonomy, etc.

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At the end of the visit, the future conservationists were satisfied to meet the botanical garden and the large botanical collection of Mozambique and to know that they represent a great source of research data on the flora of the country. Serving as a basis for the localization of certain specimens (geographic distribution), these collections allow a better assessment of environmental impacts, contributing to research in other areas of science. Therefore, they represent a key asset in the scientific work serving as support for the study of rare, extinct and endangered species.

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