Closure of Environmental Awareness Activities in Early Childhood Education

The project “With scientist’s glasses” in collaboration with the Italian school  “Giovanni Falcone “ Of Maputo was characterized by various educational activities. The teachers committed themselves to the pursuit of the improvement of the planet through the search for improved quality of life and the best environmental conditions through the field and practice of environmental education, where each child felt responsible for doing something to contain the progress of environmental degradation.

During this child environmental education program, several educational and environmental aspects were considered, supported by the students ‘ experiences and the phenomena that occur around them, seeking to refer them with the help of scientific concepts relevant.

For the closure of the activities, the students were submitted to Quiz Game as a didactic-pedagogical resource in the development of logical reasoning and teaching process learning of the scientific content learned from the during the programme period.

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Therefore, this work was directed at children because they are in development, which is the best age to learn, highlighting that they will be the future of our planet, these small individuals are going to make history, because when “innocent” It is easier to shape new knowledge, on the contrary, adults already have crystallized habits and behaviors that are difficult to reorient.

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