Project activities

We are mainly working on the following 5 research projects (we call these “The 5 components“), all aimed at providing tools to help the SADC institutions in charge of environmental management to address the challenges of conservation and sustainable development, and complemented with on-the-job training and capacity building (click on the title of the component for more information):

  1. Sustainable management of protected areas in the SADC region: Great Limpopo and Pequenos Libombos Transfrontier Conservation Areas
  2. Support to the development of national platforms for the collection, organization and sharing of information on biological diversity
  3. Land use, land use change and forestry assessment at the national scale in Mozambique through augmented visual interpretation of high resolution satellite images
  4. Support to the development and institutionalization of the monitoring and evaluation system of the “South African Natural Resources Management Programmes”
  5. Support to the development of strategies and the identification of potential opportunities for the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in the SADC