LULUCF Assessment

Land use, land use change and forestry assessment at the national scale in Mozambique through augmented visual interpretation of high resolution satellite images.

We are collaborating with FAO Forest Resources Assessment and local institutions in Mozambique and South Africa to assess land use change and forestry at the national level using OpenForis Collect Earth software.

Background and general objectives

This component intends to build on the results of the “Special Initiatives for Africa” project, funded by the Italian Cooperation and implemented by the “Global Mechanism”, the financial instrument of the UNCCD. This project, completed in September 2016, has produced a decision support tool to evaluate desertification processes in the Limpopo basin by means of primary productivity indicators derived from satellite image processing. In partnership with the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD and the FAO Forest Resources Assessment (FRA), the SECOSUD project is committed to analyse land use change, as well as forest coverage and density at the national level, using the OpenForis Collect Earth software. Collect Earth is a tool that enables data collection through augmented visual interpretation of satellite images. In conjunction with Google Earth, Bing Maps and Google Earth Engine, users can analyze high and very high resolution satellite imagery for a wide variety of purposes, including Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) assessments. This software has already been used by FAO FRA in partnership with several universities around the world to perform a global assessment of forest resources.

Planned activities include training courses on the use of Collect Earth and technical assistance for LULUCF assessments at the national level in Mozambique and South Africa. The collected data will be made available to local institutions to facilitate the elaboration of national strategies to combat desertification and land degradation and to realize estimates of carbon sequestration.

Expected results

  • Training of local staff on the use of Collect Earth for LULUCF assessment
  • Collection of data and production of national reports on land use change and forest resources
  • Provisioning of data to local institutions and assistance to the elaboration of national strategies to combat desertification and land degradation

List of current partners

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – Forest Resources Assessment

National Forestry Directorate (Mozambique)

Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium)

Department of Environmental Affairs (South Africa)