DEA Natural Resources Management

Support to the development and institutionalization of the monitoring and evaluation system of the “South African Natural Resources Management Programmes”

We are collaborating with South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs towards the integrated implementation of their environmental programmes.

Background and general objectives

This component is realised on the basis of the Decision Support System (DSS) developed in the previous Italian Cooperation project “Limpopo Transboundary Program” (LTP), entrusted to IUCN and executed by CESVI. The aforementioned DSS was designed to support South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in allocating resources and prioritizing the interventions of its implementation program, which is the result of the gradual integration of several sectoral programs in the table below. The program, named “South African Natural Resource Management Program” (NMRP), is arguably the largest environmental program of the entire African continent and has the dual aim of reducing poverty by recruiting staff and preparing it technically to participate in specific sectoral interventions, as well as to improve the capabilities of the services provided by ecosystems in the country.

Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programmes (EPIP)Natural Resources Management Programmes (NRMP)
Working on WasteWorking for Water
Working for the CoastWorking for Ecosystems
Working for LandWorking for Forests
Greening & Open Space ManagementWorking for Energy (Biomass to Energy)
People & ParksEco-furniture Programme
Wildlife EconomyWorking on Fire
Youth Environmental ServiceWorking for Wetlands

List of EPIP and NRMP initiatives


The SECOSUD project envisages expanding the scope of the DSS so that it may support, in addition to planning tools (for allocating resources and prioritizing interventions), also the monitoring and evaluation of NRMP interventions and its institutionalization, training at the same time the technical staff of the institutions that will be in charge of its management and updating.

Expected results

  • Development of a system for planning, prioritizing, monitoring and evaluating the impacts of the interventions of two of the major environmental issues of NRMP: bush encroachment and land degradation
  • Sharing NRMP approaches and methods for land use planning in the SADC region

List of current partners

Department of Environmental Affairs (South Africa)

PROGES Consulting (Italy)