The team

The SECOSUD II team is composed of two working groups: the operative staff (Project Management Unit) is based in Maputo at the Eduardo Mondlane University (see Contacts or scroll to the bottom of the page for more info), and the Scientific and Technical Committees are based at Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).

Maputo (UEM) resident staff


Project Management Unit

Coordination section

Team Leader
Stefano Frasca

General Scientific Coordinator
Silvio Cianciullo

Wildlife Health
Gianluca Pio Zaffarano

Operational Section

Secretary / Communication
Ernesto Matavela

Driver / Logistician
Orlando Mahumana

Administrative Assistant
Sheila Cabral

Technical Section
Biodiversity data bases

Delcio Sancho Carlos Odorico

Domingos Alberto Sandramo

Gerson Titos Tomo

Celso Inácio Sardinha

Land use, land use change and forestry

Edna Tánia da Cecília Matsimbe

Joaquím Domingos Campira

Web and software development
Silvino Guambe Jr.

Rome (Sapienza) staff

Scientific Committee

General Coordinator

Fabio Attorre

Botany Advisor

Marcello Vitale

Hydrogeology Advisor

Giuseppe Sappa

Environmental Geochemistry Advisor

Maurizio Barbieri

Ecology Advisor

Alfredo Guillet

Training Coordinator

Massimo Reverberi

Thematic Experts

Zoology and biological collections

Stefano De Felici

Access and Benefit Sharing (Nagoya Protocol of the CBD)

Roberto Valenti

Piercarlo Zingari

GIS and Remote Sensing

Mario Messina

Hydrogeology and meteo stations

Lorenzo Ricolfi

Decision Support Systems & Software Development

Marco Francesco Falcetta (PROGES Consulting)

Edoardo Scepi (PROGES Consulting)